LEGO Designs

Before I drew my characters out, I built them with LEGO. That is how I originally created the idea and designs of my characters.

King and the Flana aesthetic were inspired by the old LEGO Insectoid theme. King’s parts are mainly from them, but his true appearance/quality has some critical differences (bent legs, the helmet having two nodules, smoother chest, etc). His ship’s hull is some part from one of the sets. Not sure on the hyperdrive part…

As for the others…cobbled together creations using LEGO pieces for the most part.

I still have the LEGO versions of all them, and overtime I’ve built up other parts of the world like characters, scenes, and places in LEGO. Here are some of my builds, categorized by type:


The Trinity and the One in LEGO
The Trinity and the One in LEGO

Micro Buildings

King’s Ship

Fla'neiel's Ship in LEGO
King Fla'neiel's Ship