I’ve pulled my stuff together, guys. I’m so close to finishing The Madness of Light I can taste it. And I finished the blurb so the page is up. It’ll be ready to share in a few weeks. Also, teaser: This one necessitates a hard cover copy so at least for a little while one […]

I bring to you what I’ve mocked up as the e-cover for Expansion Expression (Book Five). It’s very minimalist–most of the power comes from the art. Like How to Stop Wildfire. The process of how I made this one: To start, I used water colors to give the paper a yellow-y-coppery background. Then, once it […]

Lately, I’ve been at a crossroads in this long journey of mine. I’ve been at a mental standstill in all things I covet because I could not figure out where to go next. This is not at all in a story sense, no, that is all well and good and pure. It is everything that […]

I haven’t hashed it out that much, but I’m thinking about taking a break of some sort between book 4 and book 5. I don’t know if it’ll be a few months or just a few days, but I’m planning on working on a side-project, The Lost, intently for a little bit. Whether I’ll finish […]