My day-job is software development and as part of my rite-of-passage to attain that position I had to start a programming blog and write posts about it. For awhile I wrote plain posts doing just that. Vaguely snarky things just going over what I had learned and all that dull jazz. Then I read a […]

Going Do not go. My silent voice is chanting that over and over and over again. All I can think of is: Do not leave. Do not make me say farewell one last time. Do not walk away. Do not go. But she does. She always does. She is already turned away from me at […]

I used to run a blog where I posted random short stories on dreams and the mind. I ran out of time to update it consistently, so I am turning all the posts into a short collection that I am going to offer for free. Right now I am just editing it and cleaning it up.

Estimating it to be ready and done within a week to two weeks.