Writing and Stories

How did you discover you were a writer?


Do you mean discover like how Columbus ‘discovered’ the new world? Because he really did not. The Americas were always there. There were people that lived in the world that he ‘found;’ they certainly knew it existed. It had always been there for them as long as they had been. No discovery needed.

In that same way of knowing, I knew that I was a writer and storyteller. It was a simple knowing. A fact of being that was clear as the color of the sky.

I always had stories to tell. Writing is another shape of storytelling, another representation for the same concept.

I wrote my first stories in Legos and scrawled drawings, fueled by pure imagination and thought. Then they took the form of fiction tales written for school assignments and personal pleasure, with the same passionate fire as ever. The stories evolved as I evolved. They became more mature, more refined. Words became their home. They settled there as I began to settle into myself.

The stories were always with me. Writing came to me by necessity in order to tell them the way they ought to be. I did not discover or realize I wanted to be a writer — I was because I had to and because it was a critical part of my being. Being a writer is being a storyteller and that is who I am.

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