The Madness of Light Hardcover Copy

The Madness of Light Hardcover Copy

So...long story short:

TMOL was so long that I couldn't make a normal paperback copy.

So I had to make a hardcover copy. That messed things up a bit with getting the book finished as I had to figure out how to make a hardcover cover. The 'bleed' areas are much larger with a hardcover version so I had to move text around and make it smaller against the artwork. I found my way, though.

The final version is going to have slightly modified spine and back text, but here is my first ever hardcover copy of my books!'

Definitely feels more substantial than the other copies, but the cost difference is great as a result. The Madness of Light was about $10 more expensive than the other paperback copies. So about $24, not including shipping.

Wasn't sure if I would like the heavier hardcover type, as it is different 'type' from the rest of the series, but the book itself is starkly different from the rest. So it being of a different physical style is highly apt. But it is still one of a set, so it has to look good with the other five books for it to earn my approval.

And it does! It looks wonderful!

TMOL next to my other books
All together!

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