Sargon and Resonance

Warning: Harmonic Waves spoilers!

Harmonic Waves, book two of the The Adventures of the Trinity and the One introduces a brand new concept, both to the readers and to the world itself. That concept is resonance. Resonance being the term attributed to the technique of a Kharat harmonizing with another part, a Vacore, laying its will and ethereal form on top of it and making it conform to that will. This may seem a bit redundant as a person's body is probably what their soul is shaped like. But it is not redundant if the resonance is with another person's Vacore. Which is what we see in Harmonic Waves.

How I envision this resonance, from both perspectives:

The being with the Kharat resonating on top of another Vacore is like entering a mech or some suit they control. They are in sync with it, however. There isn't a disconnect. There are there and they are not. They still have their Vacore, unless they are dead or in special circumstances. When the connection gets severed they experience great pain, but, if they are alive, they do not die. That fate befalls upon the host.

The host body's soul is like going into the passenger seat. Willingly giving up control and surrendering their physical form to the total will of another soul. This requires tremendous will--the will to give up independent will, to let their Vacore be defined by the sheer will of another Kharat. This is why it is so unstable, because people are so rarely in complete sync.

The events of Harmonic Waves prove that it is nearly impossible to sustain. Zenhu, the Demon who achieved this feat, only does well because she is so vapid and vacant of will that she can resonate with select Empirians. She is easy going. Sargon and Jeytaeir do as well as they do because of Jeytaeir's duty and Sargon's dominance. Sargon is amazingly charismatic leader forged in over one and of a trillion years of existence. Uniting the clans, once out of chaos of being and once again following the chaos of the end of the Diamondae slavery. The first time he knew nothing and it lasted for about as long as it could. It was cut short by the Diamondae. If not the Diamondae, then by the own problems of how he seized power. After the Diamondae he learned something about rule, what to do and what not do and found the perfection in leading he has held for longer than any other being of Buhukiea.

That is why he 'wins' in Harmonic Waves. Sure, Cyclone breaks his resonance over Jeytaeir with the Scythe of the Grim Reaper, preventing him from following through with his show of a battle, but that was never really the point. It was a show. A display of force. A calculated move to get what he wanted.

And he gets it. He gets the attention he so richly deserves. Not everything he desired, not yet at that point. Time will tell.

I kind of spiraled off a bit from the topic of resonance. Sargon is fascinating to me, as is the concept that this post was originally singularly named for. I will go on more in depth about it later, surely, but this is just a taste of some of the unspoken, unwritten ideas that were interlaced with my work, Harmonic Waves especially in this case.

Thank you for reading.

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