Commissioned Art of Paewar Zfnoc!

Commissioned Art of Paewar Zfnoc!

Okay, this commission of Paewar Zfnoc by Erika Hollice might be a bit of a surprise, unlike the Lana Zfhi commission. I wasn’t actually sure if I was going to even commission Paewar Zfnoc at first, but he deserves artwork made of him and he is a ‘test’ of the dark effects/Zfnoc tone that will be used heavily with…someone else that will be done after this.

But, anyway, here’s what I thought of Paewar Zfnoc going in and the general notes that I provided:


And so it was kicked off with a set of four poses as usual!

Pose #2 just…yeah, that’s Paewar Zfnoc’s pose. It’s most like my sketch of him, but it’s elevated so he seems prouder. It just was on point. I did like the outfit of #1, though, and wanted that integrated in. The background of #2 was also what I went with. The tendril styles of #2/#4 I also preferred.


Paewar Zfnoc Preview by Erika Hollice
First Preview

In color! The color was jarring, actually. The color contrast felt off. Like the contrast between him and the background. I did some tests and making the background brighter seemed to alleviate my issues.

Asides from that, I felt he needed to be darker toned and the tendrils needed to be darker. I also had some hangups on his facial structure, like how far his eyes were from his mouth, but it was growing on me so I didn’t want it changed. The outfit looked solid.

Paewar Zfnoc Preview Edited by Erika Hollice
Edited Version

Erika tweaked the colors and it came together beautifully! No more contrast issues. The darker tone for the skin looked excellent as well and the face structure looked right with it. This looked good to go!


Paewar Zfnoc Final by Erika Hollice

Finishing touches applied, and bam—that’s Paewar Zfnoc! Admittedly, my sense of him is weaker than the others, but Erika did a great job of bringing him to life.

But, this commission was always going to be more about the details and process than the actual finished work. It is awesome, though, and it does represent Paewar to me in a way. Getting the skin tone down, the dark tendrils…that was what I wanted to see and that’s what has been showcased.

This art also prompted some introspection regarding Empirian fashion. Seeing Paewar’s outfit come alive made me want to muse on fashion… Colors, structure, lines, all of it. I think I have some self-discovery and work to do…I kind of want to do a deep dive into fashion of the Empire now and sketch some things out. Expect a blog post or Patreon poll option about it in the future. And another commission of a certain Zfnoctewoohi. Stay tuned!

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