On KDP Free Promotions

I enrolled How to Stop Wildfire in KDP Select basically when I first published it. This means that it is Kindle-exclusive and that I get special 'perks.' Like higher royalty rates in certain countries and promotion offers. The promo offers have two flavors: free and sale. Both can be max five days per 90day enrollment period, but you can only choose one per period. Kind of annoying, but whatever, there it is.

For May 4th - May 6th I decided to do a KDP free promotion, because I heard it can really drive downloads and *hopefully* get more reviews. The results were pretty interesting and exciting.

KDP Sales Graph
KDP Sales Graph

As you can see from the graph, my initial sales were subpar. The majority, if not all, originated from friends and family. The start of the free promo saw a huge increase in people downloading HTSW. Very exciting. It tapered off a little on Tuesday, but went back up on Wednesday. I used askDavid.com for Twitter promotions, while also tweeting about it myself. Who knows?

The two free sales on Thursday is kind of hilarious and strange, but it probably has to do with time-zones.

I heard of people getting 100+ downloads a day, but I am content with what happened. This is good enough for me. More people reading = hopefully more people talking about it.

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