Commissioned Art of Kenquaxe!

Commissioned Art of Kenquaxe!

I commissioned AR Sullivan to draw Kenquaxe, a Champion of the Yiusha-Waalar. He is an Ihkbaeloo that wields a set of dark and light forged daggers and wears armor-dresses. He also has white tattoos. I imagined him in a dynamic action pose.

He was on my mind more lately and was of a race that hadn’t been professionally drawn yet so I thought…why not?

Initial Sketch

Kenquaxe First Sketch

The pose didn’t work for me, and I wanted some adjustments to the dress.

Kenquaxe First Sketch

I also needed to figure out how the daggers looked so I sketched them out (I’ll post that in a later post).

Pose Figuring Out

AR Sullivan provided me some pose options, and I picked one of them to go with for the next iteration…

Kenquaxe Second Sketch

Still wasn’t feeling it. I was having a lot of trouble figuring out exactly what I wanted, pose and outfit wise, and how to describe it so I realized that basically an Ezio/Assassin’s Creed style pose/look would be solid option so that brings us to…

Kenquaxe Third Sketch

It worked for me.

Almost There

Kenquaxe Almost Final Art

Basically good to go! But needed the tail and a sly mouth.


Kenquaxe Art Final

Boom. The outfit isn’t what I imagine him wearing all the time, or exactly what I was imagining initially, but I also imagine him changing outfits more often than other characters. So this is one option he has. He has more armored flavors, darker ones, and so on. I think this is a pretty good representation of him in any case, though I still kinda wish it was more action-y. But that’s on me since I can’t describe what is in my mind. AR Sullivan did great with my poor guidance haha.

Anyway, it is Kenquaxe! Looming and emerging from the shadows!

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