Jurak's Day Splash Art Commission Process

Jurak's Day Splash Art Commission Process

Just a quick run down of the steps in this commission of the Jurak’s Day splash by AR Sullivan. I sent them a very messy sketch of my envisioned composition and my previous sketches of Jurak and Nitocris to start.

Initial Sketch

Splash Art v1

Good start! Jurak was looking good, with really needing some tweaks to his feet. Nitocris needed some proportion changes and I gave more detail on how the building ought to look.

The most important bit was the aspect ratio…I wanted the splash to be landscape, not portrait.

Updated Sketch

Splash Art v2

Boom! This was a great iteration! My only comment at this point was on Nitocris’ eye shape/makeup.

Getting There

Splash Art v3

More thoughts from this one came from Nitocris’ face mainly…there were other changes needed too, but her face shape looked off to me.

Very Close

Splash Art Almost v4

And now the feedback is directed at Jurak! Basically, his tentacles needed to be on the side rather than the front and his head texture/shape needed to be tweaked.


Art Final

And then it was all done and perfect! I really love how both characters turned out. It was especially cool to see Jurak, since he’s the first of his race to be professionally done. And his race is one of my ‘weirdest’ too!

Big thanks to AR Sullivan for doing this!

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