Character Name/Group Reference of the Main Cast

Yes, I’ve done various videos of me pronouncing character and race names, which I hope are helpful. However, this post is more of a condensed overview for people who have issues with the names or just want something quick to look at so they can mentally match up groups/people with their actual names. So more like a reference document to map names with groups than about the people themselves.

For me personally in other fandoms, I’ve conflated characters with similar names and knowing which ‘plot’ or ‘thread’ they belong to helps clear it up. So this groups the characters and has their names along with their pronunciations, so you can see quickly who is who and how their name goes. Hope this is helpful to people with similar problems.

Core Trinity and the One

Balon and Family/Friends

Hequera and the Wolfen

Random Important People

And that’s it. Not a comprehensive list/grouping, but more than enough to help out with the commonly referenced cast of characters.

Note: I have excluded the Humans and Hades + friends as they are pronounced normally (except for Charon, who is Sharon because that’s how I like it and he does too)!

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