About Sarah Sunday


I’m Sarah Sunday, author of The Adventures of the Trinity and the One series. The series is a space opera science fiction series with a rich world that I have developed over the course of my entire-thinking life.

Before I began writing these stories, I did extensive world-building to create the setting and all the characters. The writing came from the ideas I created in my world; I made a world and then the stories naturally came from it. The books I have written/am writing are just some of the tales I have created.

With that being said, my true love is in world-building and in creation. I love creating detailed backstories and histories for everything little thing inside of it. Making characters and figuring out their stories. Some of those details can be found in my ever-expanding Database. I’m extremely passionate about world building, if you can’t already tell. Writing too, but that is just a means to an end to share my work.

As for what read: classic novels (this is probably my favorite ‘genre’), history, various non-fiction, assorted modern fiction, and now recently, a variety of indie-fare to support the business. You can check out my indie-reading on Goodreads. I’m kind of all over the place with taste. I read fiction and non-fiction from basically any genre. I’m very voracious when I get in the mood.

Other tidbits: foodie (I run a food review blog), watch a variety of TV shows and movies (reviewing them on the Media Authority), and Lego builder.

So yeah. That is a bit about me. The more interesting parts anyway, but who cares about the rest? I don’t. Forget about me and read my stuff.