SIA Hash’s Bash 2.0 Book Event

It is that time of the year again. Time for a SIA book event! This one is called Hash’s Bash 2.0. It is bigger and better than ever; it is packed¬†with delicious deals and has a longer duration. It takes place from July 1 to July 4. Books will be free, on sale, and book combo packs have reduced prices. It’ll be great. There are so many great books going to be on sale and free during the event. Including mine, of course.

Which ones? Well, the entire Adventures of the Trinity and the One series so far! (Pretty obvious, but whatever. This is my core stock.)

How to Stop Wildfire will be free (as usual).

Harmonic Waves and Threads that Bind the Tempest will both be on Countdown deals–99cents throughout the entire event run and a little after.

So yeah. Pick up my stuff, if you already haven’t during Hash’s Bash 2.0. And pick up other people’s work too, because it is just as good. They can be found through this SIA website.

I know I’m going to pick up a ton of books. My reading list is already overflowing but that doesn’t mean anything. One can never have too many books. They are probably going to be read and (hopefully) enjoyed eventually. Anyway. Yeah. Books! Reading! Good times.

Hash's Bash 2.0