The Writing Flow

Writing, like most things, has a point known by a variety of terms: writing flow and zone are but two of many words and phrases. They mean the state of mind one enters when fully engaged with an activity. When one becomes one with it. Conscious thought is lost to the act of doing. We become so wrapped up in the process that the bigger picture is lost. It is the essence of engaging.

I love this writing flow. It is not what writing is to me, but it is certainly a big part of it. Getting into the groove and not letting up until I hit the end of my thought or section that I fell into completely. It feels substantial and powerful.

It has its downsides, though. Sometimes seeing all the trees is a good thing, but sometimes you really need to see the forest. Planning and careful thought is lost to the process of the art. What you have at the end of this stint may not be fully coherent or stable. It could work, but it doesn't work in conjunction with everything else. The writing flow creates its own paths without regards for the existing pathways.

This is where editing kicks in. Editing has its own energizing flow for me. I like it in its own way, but it is sort of painful because I have to really think and not just enjoy writing all the craziness out. It is more methodical, which can be cathartic in its own way. It is an orderly process whereas writing is potentially very chaotic and mood-driven.

Chaos and order working together--that is writing and editing. A balance must be attained. That is the way of writing. My way, anyway.