Joined The Coffeelicious Medium Publication

If you don’t already know, Medium is a writing platform for publications, bloggers, and writers in general.


It really is quite fantastic. The interface is wonderful, and it makes writing effortless. I have been a part of Medium for what feels like over half-a-year, and watched it grow and mature into the community it is now. I’m a huge supporter of what it is trying to accomplish. People have called it the democratization of the op-ed article and other things, and it really has the potential to achivee those names.

Anyway, I was sought and asked by The Coffeelicious Medium publication to have my piece ‘Lost in Amazon(ia)’ featured. They have a great selection of stories done in a variety of topics, so I could not refuse. I’m probably going to start submitting some fiction pieces to The Coffeelicious, like ‘Confessions of a Shapeshifter‘ to Medium to start stirring up the ‘Fiction’ part of it. They are trying to make fiction a stronger genre of Medium, and I am wholly supportive of that idea. Medium has too much of a ‘start-up’ or ‘how-to’ list vibe going on and it really needs to diversify itself to stay relevant.

So follow The Coffeelicious Medium publication and expect some wonderful stories from myself and other writers.